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Super cute owl pillow for sunday afternoon (examples coming soon)
I found this picture of a cute owl pillow and decided to recreate and share it.

At the moment my camera is being used elsewhere and I'm going on holiday soon, so I will post my own pictures as end result and tutorial when I can.
If you can't draw these shapes yourself you can also take the bottom right picture and enlarge it to how big you want your pillow to be. I realise it's a little cut off for the body but you can just fold it in half and trace around it to get a full body.
When I come back I will post a pattern and measurements. Please bear with me :D

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  • Step 1

    This seems really fun with two different colored/patterned pieces of fabric.

    You will also need white felt, brown felt and felt that you want for the eye color (preferably close to the main fabric color)

  • How to make a bird plushie. Owl Pillow - Step 2
    Step 2

    You should now make:
    2 body shapes out of fabric
    1 tummy shape out of fabric
    1 beak out of felt
    2 large white circles out of felt
    2 medium colored circles out of felt
    2 small brown circles out of felt

    Draw the owl shape on the fabric and cut it out twice.

    - You can first draw it on cardboard. This way you can be sure that every piece is the same and you can make a lot of cute owl pillows!

    Make the beak a triangle shape.

    The rest of the shapes are easily made by using the tool I posted a picture of (I don't know what it is called in english sorry).

    Lay the tummy out and meassure it so that a few cm of the fabric you are going to sew it on stays visible. Then draw a little over half a circle and you're done.

    For the eyes make a big, slightly smaller and a lot smaller circle depending on how big your pillow is going to be. Cut out two of each.

  • Step 3

    The owl is layered like this:
    Body shape
    Tummy shape
    Large, medium, small circle

    Stitch everything together as you see in the picture. Making the beak and eyes cover the tummy slightly etc.

    Add some decorative stitches in the eyes.

  • Step 4

    Finally lay the second body shape with the wrong side up on top of your finished face. Stitch all the sides together but leave a small hole for stuffing.

    Pull the owl through the hole so you got it the correct side out now. Stuff it.

    Sew it together. And die of cuteness!

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Tammie P.
Tammie P.
Enjoy your holiday!!!
im reallllllly lookin forward to your pics of this adorable pillow!
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