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Cute lil' thing's perfect for Easter ^-^
Even if you don't celebrate Easter, you can make this just because it's adorable~

For instructions on how to make and assemble the modules, refer to my how-to here:


P.S. I am listing these projects as free because I use printer paper from worksheets that we get at school. Remember, if one side is blank, save it from the bin-- it's perfectly usable!

Posted by Scarlet from Stafford, Virginia, United States • Published See Scarlet's 46 projects »

  • Step 1

    The two pieces of shell and the chick are made separately, and then glued together at the end.

    You will need 144 modules:

    82 white
    62 yellow

  • Step 2

    Make one half of the egg shell!

    Each shell half is made with 5 and a half (see the inside "broken" line) rows of 14 modules.

    You'll want to shape these too, because the pieces have a tendency to curve inward. I pushed one of those large hollow plastic eggs inside the cavity to shape.

  • Step 3

    Make the chick!

    The chick is made of 6 rows of 10, plus the two wings.

  • Step 4

    Put them all together!

    I would recommend gluing the pieces of the chick and the top egg shell together, as I had a few problems getting them to stay while I glued the entire piece.

    Alternately, you could leave the three pieces independent of each other.

  • Step 5

    Make the face!

    The eyes where made from a hole punch, and the beak from paper folded in half and then cut freehand.



Youghurt Jaja
Youghurt Jaja
pro origami-er.. saluteeee~ n cuteeee~
fjasdkflnsmcie · 4 projects
Yeah how do you make a module???
Vincent Y.
Vincent Y.
It's so adorable =D thanks for sharing~
Pink Custard
Pink Custard · 1 project
woah way too complicated for me! how do you make a module? and join them together? (:
PLease send a message to me back - i really want to make one Happyx
Baba Boop
Baba Boop · Bunker Hill, West Virginia, US
this is CRAZY!!

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