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top tshirt t shirt t-shirt one shoulder teen vogue strap tank lace laced
took some time to make this. i saw that teen vogue shirt with the one shoulder and strap and thought of this. i jsut didnt like the plainness of the teen vogue one or the fringy thingy.

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You Will Need

  • Step 1

    lay out main shirt and cut from directly below the arm pit to the between of the sleeve and collar

  • Step 2

    take the second shirt (or extra fabric) and cut off the bottom hem first, then two 3in wide sections (one on the front and one back or both same shirt side) and one just the front length of the shirt about an inch wide

  • Step 3

    start sewing one of the strips from the seem on one side. sew the shirt and the strip over lappign only 1/2 inch. once sewn almost all the way stop sewing about 1/2 from the other seem. repeat oon other side with other strip. the reason u dont sew all the way is so when u where it u and pull those and tie them to make a nice bow

  • Step 4

    now take the third strip and pull tight to stretch it. measure the length of the strap using ur bra and a guide and sew it insid the shirt about a 1/2inch in on either side

  • Step 5

    check all seems and ur done

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CahrazzyMe · Willard, Ohio, US · 16 projects
This is so adorable! I am for sure gonna make this! Thanks for the how to!