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Based on Ocean In A Bottle Hair Spray by tiffany b.
Wow! TY Tiffany B! What a super great idea! I come from Oregon and live for the coast and have always loved what the sea water can do for your health in general. When I lived in Georgia it was awesome playing in the water everyday and I miss my beach hair.

Here in Holland I am far from the sea and it has been very hard to find the products I use to depend on in the States for my hair, face and body needs. So this was PERFECT! I have been using John Frieda Frizz Ease Dream Curls here and it costs a lot more here than in the States, and I "just" ran out of my salon spray Fermodyl Interactives I brought from the States. I have discovered this Ocean Spray recipe by Tiffany B actually does dual purpose for me so I was able to kill 2 birds with 1 stone! Love it!

I have fine, wavy, normal to dry hair which I do dye from time to time so I wanted something healthy to feed my hair and keep it shiny, soft and give it body so I doubled my batch (recipe by Tiffany B) and I added 5 different oils that I have of 1 teaspoon each: Olive oil, Almond Glow, KuKui Nut by Alba, Embody by Emerita and Sea & Earth French Formula by Rachel Perry. I figured if 5 teaspoons of oil turned out to feel to heavy or made my hair oily I would just make up some more Ocean water and add it till I got it right. I got brave and added 4 drops of blue food coloring (since my hair is dark it wouldn't make a diff if it showed up) so the spray is a pretty light blue like tropical waters. I just shake and spray now to distribute the oils that float on top.

Well I tried it today and it was perfect first round! I put it and ONLY it on my hair right after my shower this morning. It smelled so good and fresh and left my hair soft and shiny and livened it up with body and soft curl and yes, that wonderful Ocean hair look. It was a blast to make. Thanks Tiffany for the idea and recipe!

The rear-view closer up pic is after using Ocean in a Bottle earlier in the day after my shower and all day of work and brushing my hair out and normally without anything my hair would be a lot straighter and def not as full of body, but it still was full of body, it was light, soft and shiny and held on to more waves. So I thought I would try it on dry hair to see what it would do and it was still just awesome and refreshing after a long day. So the front view and the further away pic of the rear-view are on dry hair. It was a nice spruce up ...LOL ;-)~

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lawson b.
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