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Recycled dolls from all sorts of paper
Use these dolls for dollhouses, science projects (in which the ones with cities) projects, and almost anything you can think of!

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  • Step 1

    Take a small piece of your Tin foil and roll it into a ball. Then take a bigger piece of Tin foil and make it into a rounded rectangle for the torso. If the head or the torso are too small, roll over an extra sheet of tin foil on the parts. If you want you can roll out arms and legs for the dolls. i didn't because i was in a hurry to make this project.

  • Step 2

    Now cut 2 pieces of paper that will over the body parts. pour warm water in a small bowl and soak the two pieces of paper. While they soak, find colorful pieces of paper from magazines for cloths and hair. if you want you can also add paper for skin. after your done finding the pieces of paper put them in the bowl along with the other paper.

  • Step 3

    After 5 minutes, take the paper out carefully. lay each paper piece on a towel or paper towel. (this way they're wont be a big mess!) on each paper piece lay out enough glue to cover the surface of the paper. now lay the torso and the head on their own piece of paper. cover the parts, then roll them in your hand a bit.

  • Step 4

    glue on the colorful paper for clothing. then, lay on a flat surface with open air. let dry for about a day. then they are ready for your to draw faces on them or whatever you want to do with them. Yay!

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Peeps · Sacramento, California, US · 4 projects
cant you just color it not find paper? love it
Skylar · Tucson, Arizona, US · 4 projects
cool if only i had time......AND A TACO! WHERE IS MY TACO?! sry..lost my cool
Cat Morley
Cat Morley · London, GB · 1432 projects
Cute idea and a good way to recycle paper.

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