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DIY a personal and fun play mat
I was looking around for a play mat that was not made of plastic materials and/or non-toxic. There are some around, but I couldn't find one I really liked. So I thought, why not make one myself?

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  • How to make a play mat. Non Toxic Play Mat - Step 1
    Step 1

    If you’ve opted for beige or white heavy duty cotton for item number two in the list of materials above, start by painting the fabric in water colors and let it dry. This will be the basis of your play mat. Take the painted or colored fabric and fold the edges in, attach it to one of the tablecloths or bigger pieces of cotton fabric using needles, and sew along the edges of the smaller piece of fabric.

  • How to make a play mat. Non Toxic Play Mat - Step 2
    Step 2

    Cut roads from the brown fabric. Cut a lake out of the blue fabric. Sew these onto the top of the play mat. Iron the mat - once the images is attached, you can’t iron on top of them. So take this opportunity to get the wrinkles out!
    Print the images onto the t-shirt transfer paper and cut them out. Iron them onto the small piece of heavy duty cotton. Glue the images onto the play mat along the brown road, where the road ends, and in/around the lake and let it dry completely.

  • How to make a play mat. Non Toxic Play Mat - Step 3
    Step 3

    Attach the now finished top of the play mat to the other piece of tablecloth or cotton fabric, right sides together. Sew along the edges, but leave a few inches open. Turn the mat right sides out, fold the edges in the opening together and sew it shut. And you’re done!

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