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Ruined tee to new pillow
This is from a Calabrese band tee that became ruined :( So the only thing left to do was get creative!

Posted by Veronica Stampede from Cincinnati, Ohio, United States • Published See Veronica Stampede's 12 projects »

  • Step 1

    Find yourself an old tee that you don't mind cutting up! Also you will need some fabric scraps to make the actual pillow (All my stuff was laying around so this was a free project for me)

  • Step 2

    Cut out your awesome picture from your tee. Then cut out two pieces for the actual pillow. Make it as big as you want. I chose to use two different colours for the front and back. I used black and then a cool green bat pattern.

  • Step 3

    Take the piece of fabric that your want to be the front of your pillow and place the picture(s) from your tee and pin them in place.

  • Step 4

    Next, your going to want to stitch your picture to the main pillow fabric. You can hand stitch it or use a sewing machine. I used a zig-zag stitch on my sewing machine. Also you may want to use a contrasting colour to give it depth or use a colour to match your picture.It is up to you! Now when I sewed the picture to the front piece of fabric I didn't want it to be even and neat. So I actually didn't sew all around the picture. I just sewed it enough to hold it on there.

  • Step 5

    After you got your picture secured take the right sides of the pillow fabric (front and back) and pin them together. Make sure you leave an opening to turn your pillow inside out when you have sewed it together.

  • Step 6

    Sew your pillow together! make sure you leave an opening to turn it inside out when your finished.

  • Step 7

    Turn your pillow inside out so now you can see your picture :p Stuff with pillow stuffing to make you pillow as soft or as firm as you like.

  • Step 8

    Last but not least hand stitch the opening of the pillow closed! And Enjoy! :D

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