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squarry and other shapes of plastic recycle bottle beads
i liked the recycle water bottle bead from DIS.AR.RAY (link: http://www.cutoutandkeep.net/projects/ recyle_and_make_your_own_beads) so thanks a lot DIS.AR.RAY you have inspirated me a lot.!;-D but i didn't like the differend not to handke shapes of them and the whole in the bead was every time differend. I would like to make beads with larges holes in it to adjust them on my felt work. The opposite of felt and the look a like glass beads is beautiful. And they are not so fracile and heavy to weare.
but why not a step futher on, why not squarely shaped beads?.
I thought i must take a squarely shaped stick, and after some more try outs, i noticed that it worked great only with a small noticions of making them. First i make them to thin but i liked the thought ones more, but thats a matter of taste. Hope you like it too. And you can make them differend not only with differend shape sticks but too by make very small onces and large once. and use other drawings of the plastic. And of course you can make the round onces too using a brush stik or knitting needles, Pay attention that they are not of plastic.LOL so i hope you like it.;-)

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  • How to make a beads. New Shapes Of Recyle Beads - Step 1
    Step 1

    Wash with soap and water your bottle.
    Let him dry, then you cut of the top and the bottem. like the picture.;-D

  • How to make a beads. New Shapes Of Recyle Beads - Step 2
    Step 2

    Pick up the middle part and cut them in strips. Then you can give them some colour (or not) with the markers.
    I like to work with permanent markers or with my acrylic markers. But thats too a matter of taste;-D

  • How to make a beads. New Shapes Of Recyle Beads - Step 3
    Step 3

    Pick your stick, i have for the round shaped ones used some bamboo stick.
    Pick a strip of the bottle you have made, and bind this round the stick.

  • How to make a beads. New Shapes Of Recyle Beads - Step 4
    Step 4

    Not to tight. you must leave some space between them. like the picture show you;-D

  • How to make a beads. New Shapes Of Recyle Beads - Step 5
    Step 5

    Take a plier and hold the stip on his place on the stick.
    Take your hotgun, (you can use a candle too), but thats not smart with this plastic,
    When you are melting the plasic in shapes, there will become a very smelly odeur .-S
    So do this not at your inside. I do this always outside the door, because its very onhealthy to breath this smell! Or by a open window .

    You must hold the gun like the arrow on the picture is, so then you melted the to loose strip tight to the stick. do this by all the sides at the end, When the strip is neat and tight to the stick you can melt it some more to have that special fake look;-D I like that. Then you must cool it down, i lay them only down for a while, and when i have done a lot of them, i had of the small squarely small sticks a buch so i could work with all of them. But you can use the other side too of the stick. When they has coolen down move them from the stick gentle, I've they are too tight on the stick you can unwrapped the bead a little and he can fold again like he was before.;-D

  • How to make a beads. New Shapes Of Recyle Beads - Step 6
    Step 6

    This beads are made with the bamboo stick.
    You will become big wide holes in the round shaped beads.

  • How to make a beads. New Shapes Of Recyle Beads - Step 7
    Step 7

    This beads are made with a wide flat stick that was used for the paint of doors and windows,

  • How to make a beads. New Shapes Of Recyle Beads - Step 8
    Step 8

    This beads are made with a thick squarely stick from an old closet so you must search from some old sticks and shapes you allready had or your dad, or patner.;-D try all of them, and have a fun time;-D

  • How to make a beads. New Shapes Of Recyle Beads - Step 9
    Step 9

    This beads are made with a a squarely stick that was with iron wire on it. For plants and flowers.
    You will become squerely beads with a nice squarely hole in it.

    much fun and hope you llike it!;-D

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DinjaDONUT · Utrecht, Utrecht, NL · 6 projects
GAMMA! haha het stokje was van de Gamma (: herken het aan de tekst. Maar leuke tip ^^
neondoll>_< · La Cañada Flintridge, California, US · 8 projects
these are cool!!!
karindehaas · 31 projects
Hoi schattebout, they are so nice, echt een goed idee om een andere vorm te maken, weer iets wat ik uit moet proberen, bedankt voor de inspiratie. xoxox
Sheila Squirrel
Sheila Squirrel
Thanks for the great tutorial Jet. Love the colours Happy
Shazziiee · Colchester, England, GB · 25 projects
wow! they look really pretty!
emmilou w.
emmilou w. · Wallasey, England, GB · 12 projects
hi there jet...thanks for the how-to ^_^

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