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decorative frame
i still have extra stem wire and some beads from the wire tree that i made last week, so i thought of making something out of my scraps and other stuffs that are all over my pad when i saw that i still have an unused picture frame :)

Posted by blue from Las Piñas, Metro Manila, Philippines • Published See blue's 13 projects »

  • Step 1

    take out the glass from the picture frame.
    the cardboard and frame were the ones left as they're the only ones that i need (thinking now what i'm gonna do with the glass, any suggestion?)

  • Step 2

    set aside the frame with its cardboard.

    i did all what i can think of with the scraps i have.

  • Step 3

    make anything that u can think of with your scraps from your previous projects

    stem wire - i added beads to make them look like they're some sort of flowers.

    can - i then trimmed an empty softdrink can and twisted them so they'd look like they're grass.

    charcoal - glued some charcoal below the arranged flowers, etc.

    butterfly - i dont really know what it's called, but i bought it together with the beads i used for my wiretree.

    potpourri - glued them all over the frame to add more accent to my design

    coiled paper - it looks like flowers also so i glued them on the frame to add more colors.

    popsicle sticks - i only have blue sticks so i instead made them as the fence

    red and yellow stones - actually some left over stones that i used from another project that i made :)

  • Step 4

    now going back to the frame:
    cover it entirely with any cloth of your choice - i used an ecobag from the grocery coz it has stains already (lol, i'm recycling once again)

    glue all the stuffs that u had made to the frame.

    to make the back of the frame neat, apply some packing tape. then, put hooks and a rope/nylon thread.

    now it's all ready to be hanged on your walls :)

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