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Learn how to make your own out of this world moon light!
Hello Everybody,
A little while ago my Mom bought me this round piece of cardboard (made for wall hangings) at Hobby Lobby. I didn't know what to make with it, so it ended up sitting on my desk for a few weeks.

Then when I looking at some light projects, it hit me. Turn the round piece of cardboard into a moon light!

So thats what I'll be showing you how to make today.

Before we begin I wanted to say if you can't find this cardboard circle at Hobby Lobby, you could always cut a circle out of foam-board to get the same affect.

Ok, lets get crafty!

Posted by Katie K. from Dayton, Ohio, United States • Published See Katie K.'s 21 projects »


You Will Need

Round Piece of Cardboard or Foam-Board
Drill or Awl
Black, Gray and White Paint
  • How to make a decorative light. Moon Light Diy - Step 1
    Step 1

    Using a drill or awl poke 10 holes (or how ever many holes you need for your lights) into your piece of cardboard or foam-board.

    Before you move on to step 2 make sure your lights fit into the holes you made.

  • How to make a decorative light. Moon Light Diy - Step 2
    Step 2

    Paint your moon. I used a combination of black, gray and white paint. I also used a sponge to give the moon some texture and added a little bit of glitter for some sparkle.

    Once your moon is completely dry, pop in your lights and your done!

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Amber P.
Amber P.
What types of lights do you use for this?? In was thinking maybe white Christmas type lights, am I right??? Been looking for cool lighting ideas for my daughter's room and am trying to get some other decorating/crafting ideas and finish her room as a surprise r use before she gets home.
Katie K.
Katie K. · Dayton, Ohio, US · 31 projects
Hi Amber, You are exactly right! For this project, I used a set of 10 clear (battery powered) mini Christmas lights that had white wire. Below I listed some links to some similar lights, if your interested. http://www.christmaslightsetc.com/p/Battery-Operated-10-Clear-Mini-Christmas-Lights-6-inch-Spacing-White-Wire--15232.htm ] http://www.consumercrafts.com/store/details/catalog/decor-decorative-light-strings-and-bulb-sets/2431-99?CAWELAID= 120132600000012425&gclid=COzamYjfl78CFeFFMgo dagwA_Q ] http://www.partylights.com/Mini-Lights/10-Mini-Lights/10-Mini-Lights-Clear-White-Cord?gclid=CKC5os7fl78CFQcJaQodb5gABQ ] Hope that answers your question. Good luck on decorating your daughter's room!!!