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Computer Monitor's Color Change
Important to remember when using enamel paint or spray paint...
*Open a window, need to be well ventilated.
*Electrical to be unplugged and plugs wrapped in perhaps a bag to prevent paint coming in contact.
*Don't spray on vents or anywhere the paint can leak inside the item as this may cause it to break or even blow up.

Paints are available at craft stores, DIY shops and Wilkinson.

Cover the surrounding area well with scrap paper or newspaper.

Follow directions on the can; Distance sprayed from, A Light pressure for a lovely even coat stopping drips, and across motion.
Leave to dry fully, usually takes 3 hours. Then apply next coat if needed.

My monitor was murky yellow. I wiped it down first so the paint can stick better. And that's wallpaper on the screen you can see.

It's really a fantastic way of changing the color and can be done on a wide range of stuff really. Just be safe.

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Jennybee · Stockport, England, GB · 21 projects
Like I said Don't spray the vent unless you don't mind buying a new monitor because you will break it.
It will blow up if you leave it plugged in while you spray it or when you turn it on.
Good luck ;)
Maddz103 S.
Maddz103 S. · 4 projects
...so if i spray it in a vent, it'll blow up...? SWWEEEEEEEEET. THX

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