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classic tennis shoes dolled up in glitter and crystals
I got inspiration for these glittery sneakers from Miu Miu Fall 2011 collection Super Sparkly Sneakers.

These cute glittery sneakers are usable with Your favorite skinny jeans or pretty girly dress. Get ready for summer!

How I did them,

Posted by Sallamari from Salo, Finland • Published See Sallamari's 22 projects »

  • Step 1

    1. collect all things in one place. remove the shoe laces.
    2. apply glitter glue with paint brush to all canvas area on the sneakers. remove all unwanted splashes away with tissue.
    3. then wait-wait-and-wait more. more you wait and let the glue dry, the better the result will me.
    4. paint the rubber toe part of sneakers with metallic silver paint. I used 3 different shades to get " realistic metal" look for my sneakers (this is usable idea with not-so-shiny paints).
    5. wait and wait. let the paint dry. when paint is totally dry, add some shine to toes with clear spray varnish.
    6. when spray is dry, glue the crystals to the silver painted toecap area.
    7. let the glue dry (if you not using superglue). attach the laces back to sneakers.
    8. congratulate yourself for creating such a nice pair of dolled up glitter sneakers.


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