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Everything's better down where it's wetter, take it from meee.
I made this a while ago, so not everything is pictured, but hopefully you'll understand!

*You can also pull it up and wear it as a dress and add a beachy hair clip.

Most of the time is made up of gluing the sequins, everything else is very quick.

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  • Step 1


    -Strapless Bra
    -2 colors of felt

    *braided sequin ribbon for straps

  • Step 2

    Begin by placing one color felt onto the cup of the bra to figure out how much you'll need

  • Step 3

    Using this knowledge, sketch the outline of a clam shell onto the card stock paper.

    *make sure to make it a little bit bigger, you don't want your tata's hanging out!

  • Step 4

    Cut out the stencil and, checking to see if the size is accurate first, apply it to the felt and draw around it.

  • Step 5

    If you're planning to reuse this bra again, loosely baste the bottom of the clam shell to the bra.

    Do NOT go up all the way to the top!

    *If you're adding straps baste them on now

  • How to make a mermaid costume. Mermaid Costume - Step 6
    Step 6

    Round the other piece of felt at the top so it matches the curvature of your bra.

    Cut out enough so that you won't see the bra beneath the clamshell and baste it on.

  • Step 7

    Now continue to baste on the clamshell.

  • Step 8


    Now here's the fun part!

    -Rick rack
    -Sequins of a coordinating color
    -Anything else you creative people can think of

  • How to make a mermaid costume. Mermaid Costume - Step 9
    Step 9

    I hot glued 3 pieces of rickrack onto the clam shell to give it a little more somethin somethin.

    It still seems lacking though. . .

  • How to make a mermaid costume. Mermaid Costume - Step 10
    Step 10

    BAM, now isn't that lovely?

    Glue sequins on in any pattern you wish and whatever else you could think of.

  • Step 11


    -Hemp rope
    -Mini starfish
    -Earring backs
    -Small sand dollar
    -shells of various sizes

  • Step 12

    Glue the (dried) starfish to the earring backs

    *They don't talk to you like they did in the movie Aquamarine :c

  • Step 13

    Pierce the needle through the shells and string them along some of hemp rope to make an anklet or bracelet.

    *Be very careful, it's harder than it sounds!

  • How to make a mermaid costume. Mermaid Costume - Step 14
    Step 14

    Do the same with the sand dollar to make a necklace, but be gentle.

    I wanted a beachier feel so I didn't use jewelry clasps for either of these, but feel free to!

  • Step 15

    -A large or XL green mens shirt
    -A darker shiny or glittery fabric
    -Braided sequin ribbon

  • How to make a mermaid costume. Mermaid Costume - Step 16
    Step 16

    Cut the shirt horizontally starting from the base of the armpits.

    Cut vertically so the shirt becomes one large rectangle.

  • Step 17

    Have someone pin it to your body in a flattering way, or do it yourself if you're that badass.

    *Leave an inch or a half extra

  • Step 18

    Flip inside out and sew along the pins, making a tubular shape.

  • Step 19

    Cut the other fabric into 2 even pieces.

    Flip tube right side out now

  • How to make a mermaid costume. Mermaid Costume - Step 20
    Step 20

    Sew these pieces to opposite sides of the skirt in order to cover your legs.

    *It'd look cuter ruched, but I was working with scraps. (Attempting to live vicariously through you*)

  • Step 21

    Clean up the raw edges on the top

    Sew/glue the braided sequin ribbon to the top of the skirt to complemnt the darker bottom.

  • How to make a mermaid costume. Mermaid Costume - Step 22
    Step 22

    Put it all together and you have a quick and easy mermaid costume!

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