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Creative Revolution
This exercise can be done using traditional art supplies 
or found objects. Here are a few suggestions:

•Cardstock or sketchbook paper work well. If you are using paint, you might want a heavier paper, such as 140 lb watercolor paper. Try working on different colored paper, too
• Markers, pens, pencils, pastels, and paint are all great mediums to explore.
• You can also make mandalas out of natural items, such as rocks, flowers, branches, and sand. (What kind of mandalas can you make from items in your house?)

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You Will Need

  • Step 1

    Before you begin, consider lighting a candle and taking a few deep breaths to gather and focus your attention inward.

  • Step 2

    With your chosen materials, start by making one small dot or shape in the middle of your mandala.

  • Step 3

    From that center point, create the next ring out by using a different kind of mark, shape, or material. Circles, dashes, words, stars, diamonds, lines, and dots are great shapes to include. What other shapes are showing up in your mandala?

  • How to draw a swirly drawing. Making Your Mandala - Step 4
    Step 4

    Continue adding rings to your mandala until your mandala feels complete. Allow each ring to be a unique expression of the present moment.

  • Step 5

    You are welcome to go back inside your mandala to add or refine areas at any time.

    Creating mandalas in this way can be a beautiful and meditative practice, one that quiets the mind, celebrates intuition, and grounds you in the present moment. Let go of any preconceived ideas about what your mandala is supposed to look like, and simply allow your intuition and curiosity to lead 
the way.

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