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Make small decorative umbrellas for your dolls
There are some fans of our website want to know how to make decorative umbrellas. In order to satisfy their needs, we design these small umbrellas recently. You can make several kinds of styles for your dolls.

Most small umbrellas are made of papers and wooden stands just like the decorative umbrellas embellished on the cake. Our new designed umbrellas for dolls are more exquisite and beautiful. You only need to wind sewing threads or thin woolen yarns. The umbrella stand is a little complex, but it is OK as long as you are careful and patient. Please note that in our process there are two kinds of small decorative umbrellas making at the same time. One is pink, while the other is colorful.


  • How to make a doll accessory. Make Small Decorative Umbrellas For Your Dolls - Step 1
    Step 1

    Bend iron wires
    Cut off or bend the iron wires depends on which one you want to make. Form them as a shape of umbrella stand; add plastic tubes as umbrella handles and bend the bottom of them. Add rubber tubes at the top of the umbrella handles.

  • How to make a doll accessory. Make Small Decorative Umbrellas For Your Dolls - Step 2
    Step 2

    Twine sewing threads
    Twine sewing threads from the top of the handles as the picture shows. Don't forget to change threads in different colors while twining a length and tie the ends on the umbrella ribs. Add some tiny beads or other ornaments at every rib and the top of the umbrella.

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Amanda T.
Amanda T. · 3 projects
Where can I find the rubber and plastic tubes?
elena l.
elena l. · 250 projects
Maybe you can use refill of the ballpoint pen instead.

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