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Make cute ribbon hair bow step by step
Ribbon bow ideas and creations for you! No sewing is required for the cute hair bows; whereas we'll be using a hot melt gun. Well, let me show you how cute hair bows could be made in such an easy way.
No much expense you will pay for the ribbon bow. You just need to prepare satin ribbons in different widths and a mere hair clip. Probably you have already had scissors and hot melt gun at home. Definitely you would rather prefer more cost-effective cute hair bows than buy one from stores. Not surprisingly you will love this do-it-yourself hair clip.


  • How to make a ribbon hair bow. Make Cute Ribbon Hair Bow Step By Step - Step 1
    Step 1

    Cut out two white ribbons in different lengths: one is 20cm and the other is 18cm; fold the two strips and stick two ends junction with double-sided tape; move the taped place to the center. Place the longer ribbon below the shorter one; tightly tie a thread in the center of the two ribbons. White ribbon bow is made. Make a pink bow with 60cm by 16mm ribbon; secure the center with a thread.

  • How to make a ribbon hair bow. Make Cute Ribbon Hair Bow Step By Step - Step 2
    Step 2

    Glue the pink bow; lay the pink bow onto the white bow by tying a thread in the center. Wrap the center of bow with a pink ribbon for good looking. Stick a hair clip at the back of the bow with hot melt gun.

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