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Vampire Pride!
Inspired by the "Cut Here" bracelet featured on the front page. I know they're a bit too far apart, this was the first one I made :P

Don't be intimidated by the wall of steps, I just don't have any pics so I got really detailed!

The idea here is creating the illusion of something ON your neck. A wound, a tattoo, etc. Proper tension is VERY important. Too loose and it will sag; too tight and it will press a line into your neck. Follow my tutorial to find out how to get it just right!

You will need-
-Shrinky Dinks/ Oven shrink plastic
-Sharpies/Permanent markers that won't smear
-Beads *optional
-Fishing line or mono-filament wire
-Tape Measure or string and a ruler
-Lobster Clasp
-Jewelry split rings/jump rings
-A necklace chain 2-3 inches long
-1 hole punch

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You Will Need

  • Step 1

    Make your wound or tattoo with Shrinky Dinks, following the instructions inside the package.

    ***BEFORE you start to draw your design, try to get a really good idea of how big it needs to be; remember it will shrink! I made my bites here about the size of a nickel.

    I used Sharpies, but almost any permanent marker will work. If you need to blend or overlap colors, let each layer/color dry for a moment before adding the next.

  • Step 2

    Punch 1 or 2 holes off to the sides or above your design, keeping as close to the design as you can. If you can't get the hole puncher close enough, trim off some of the plastic around the design.

    Cut out your design, but take care to cut around your holes and don't accidentally snip them!

    Bake following the directions in the package.

  • Step 3

    Once your plastic pieces are cooled, you can begin making the necklace.

    Pull a length of fishing line from the spool and measure your neck. Cut 6 inches more than you need. If you are making dotted line with beads, cut 10 inches more than your neck size.

    Arrange your pieces and beads; lay them out in order to get an idea of what your necklace will look like.

  • Step 4

    String your pieces on to the line one at a time and secure/knot them into place.

    If you are making a dotted line with beads, start working from the middle of the line and add pieces from either side evenly.

    If you are making a wound for the side of your neck, position it about 6 inches from the middle of the line.

  • Step 5

    To hide the line when you string in the plastic pieces, pass the line DOWN through the first hole from the FRONT of the piece, stretch in across, and pass it UP through the BACK of the next hole. This method will allow you to GENTLY slide them to one side or the other IF you didn't add beads.

    If it want to secure it in that one spot, simply loop the line through the holes once or twice.

    If you only made one hole, pass the line UP from the BACK, loop around the left of the hole, and repeat with the right side.

  • Step 6

    When your necklace has been assembled, stretch it out and measure it. Get it even with your neck size. Example, my neck is about 14 inches, so the middle of my necklace will be at 7 inches on the ruler. Trim off the excess, but trim it a little bit shorter than you need on one side.

    Example, mine was 7 inches on one side from the middle, and 6 inches on the other side from the middle. I suggest leaving the side with the clasp longer. I'm right handed so I put my clasp on the right side.

  • Step 7

    On the shorter side, attach a 2-3 inch length of chain with a jump ring or split ring. This is how you will get the proper tension to create the illusion.

    Use a SLIP KNOT to attach the ring! Square knots WILL pull out and/or loosen! Slip knots are a pain in the @$$ with fishing line but TRUST me, it's worth it for this necklace!!

    I recommend placing a jump/split ring at each end of the chain and attaching the line to the ring.

    Attach the clasp to the other side of the necklace.

  • Step 8

    ** Optional Step

    If you want to dangle some additional pieces like I did with the blood drips, punch 1 hole in the top of the lower design, and 1 hole in the bottom of the upper design before baking.

    After you assemble the necklace, lay the 2 pieces together front to front with the holes lined up and tie them together with a SLIP KNOT. Try to tie the knot behind the upper piece. Tie them SNUG, but NOT tight, then gently stretch them just enough for the lower piece to dangle loosely.

  • Step 9

    Go to the mirror and try it on! I recommend having someone else put it on you the first time; as they hook it on for you, gently tug it into place. Get it as tight as possible without sagging or pressing a line into your skin. If you can't seem to get it just right, clasp it on the tighter loop, and GENTLY stretch it out a TINY bit until its just where you want it.

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