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find the lioness in you!
I made the lion mane for Halloween last year. The rest of the costume was just a brown vest I bought from a thrift store, and a brown skirt and leggings I had already had. Here is how to make the lion mane...

1) buy yarn in the colors you'd like (I bought two spools). Also, buy 2 brown fur boas.

2) cut off the neck and hood of an old hoodie, so you can slip it over your head but it also is attached and covers your neck

3) tie the yarn to your needle, and push through from the inside of the hoodie to the outside, then back in (to make a loop), and then cut the string and tie in a knot.

*REPEAT step three about a thousand times! (I had friends help me)*

4) Pin one of the boas on your skirt/pants/whatever for a tail. Cut the other boa in 4 pieces (you may need to buy more than 2 depending on your wrist and ankle size) and tie pieces around wrists and ankles.

5) Use eyeliner for your lion whiskers and makeup. Also, I used fake eyelashes, to add a little spice.

Have fun!!! :)

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