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perfect to combine with the room decoration..
Hello :),well I made this for My kids room to match the decoration,mine look crappy cause I did them in a hurry...

Posted by Dayi from Vega Alta, Vega Alta, Puerto Rico • Published See Dayi's 9 projects »

  • Step 1

    This is a simple way to decorate that plain light switch..
    1-choose a theme
    and gadder all the items pics etc

  • Step 2

    with the acrylic paint ,make a background for the cartoon or thing that ur going to use..

  • Step 3

    for mine i used images of a coloring book that I have,paint them,cut them,and when the acrylic has dried up
    glue the image with the white glue in the desired place ..

  • Step 4

    keep adding as u like make effects etc,once u have the light switch done cover it up with the contact paper,don't worry about the holes u can cut them later..

  • Step 5

    then grab the X-Acto knife,turn the light switch (so that u can see the back)put it in a flat surface (floor is perfect) and cut the switch hole and the screw holes then ur finished! :)

    tip: when u cover the switch with the contact paper secure the borders on the back(inside the switch) with clear craft glue just in case :)

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