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The top I made in textiles at school last term.
i made this in textiles last term, using a shirt from home and cheap school fabric paints. im sure other people could do a much better job than me, but i had like 2 hours to plan + make it(i put 10 mins in the box thingy because anyone could do it in that time lol).

**ALSO: the theme was 80's... did i do okay? just wondering...**

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  • Step 1

    gather all of your supplies together and make sure you IRON YOUR SHIRT FIRST!!!!
    alot of my classmates make that mistake, and it just looked a total mess:L

  • Step 2

    cut out a big lightning bolt of paper: this is your stencil. i used an A3 sheet of paper, because of the size of the shirt.

  • Step 3

    align the stencil with the shirt and paint the stencil(in case youre comepleatly mental and have no idea how to paint lol) with the yellow paint.

  • Step 4

    wait for it to be dry and flick the black paint on the shirt (i suppose you can probably figure that one out yourself)

    and there you go! an 80's themed lightning shirt!

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