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a makeup look that will transport you through time and space
This is an easy, dramatic makeup look i created. It is inspired by the hot trend this season, space and galaxies.

Posted by heygirlhey from Los Angeles, California, United States • Published

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  • How to create a makeup look. Lets Take A Trip To Space - Step 1
    Step 1

    prime your eyes
    1)start by applying a light shimmery white color on the inner fourth of your lid.
    2)apply a dark navy blue to the rest of your lid and crease. If you would like you can take a dark purple color and blend that in with the blue to give it that extra pop, but that is optional.
    3)take a dark, shimmery black eyeshadow and apply it on your outer corners. Be messy, and dont be afraid to keep the color dark.Blend this into your blue color.
    4)Line your lid usind a black liquid liner. Start with a very thin line and gradually get thicker as you move out. Wing your eyeliner, to give that catlike effect. Now, take your black eyeshadow again and make the eyeliner and the eyeshadow meet ( refer to picture if you don't understand)
    5)Take a bright yellow eyeshadow and draw an ark alongside your nose. Start at your browbone and work down slightly past your eye.
    6) At this point you should take some more of the shimmery white you started with and apply that under the browbone. Now its time for the glitter. Choose a glitter that doesn't have a color. Try a silver glitter, or white. Apply this all over the eyelid and below the eye on the cheekbone. Be very carefull not to get it into your eye.
    7) for the lips i took a black lipstick and used that for my top lip. For the bottom lip i took some silver eyeshadow and mixed it with a clear lipgloss and applied that to the lip. If you want you can add some glitter to your lips as well.
    8) Add mascara and Fin!!!! Enjoy.
    Note:I used real eyeshadow to do the colors in the picture. I am not an artist, so my drawing isn't the best. The drawing is supposed to show your left eye, just in case you were confused.

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heygirlhey · Los Angeles, California, US · 1 project
Oh i forgot to say, if you want fill in your eyebrows with a super dark black color to make it more edgy, or cover your brows in foundation and line them using eye shadow ( try blue, or silver)
heygirlhey · Los Angeles, California, US · 1 project
thanks Happy
Andrea · Austin, Texas, US · 45 projects
you look like a modern version of twiggy

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