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Excess jean legs to collar
I had a pair of jeans that didn't fit me well at the hip because they stretched out. I figured if I hacked the legs off, they'd fit fine as shorts. That worked but then I had two long legs of leopard print jean to deal with. Since I had an obsession with collars lately, I made one leg into a collar.

It's simple enough.

1.) Find a collar on a button up shirt you like enough.
2.) Cut it off.
3.) Cut open jean leg and flatten, inside out.
4.) Flatten collar against it.
5.) Trace once to size of collar. (The outside)
6.) Trace once with half inch to inch for seam allowance (The lining)
7.) Line up appropriately, fold lining to shape, and sew.
8.) Cut a button hole. Sew button on other side.
9.) Viola. Collar!

I can't be more specific than that because honestly, I freehanded it haha

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puppycat1 · Richmond, New Hampshire, US · 4 projects
Great idea Happy
I'll have to try it out sometime.

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