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Make my fabulous version of Mod Podge!
I have seen many tutorials on making your own version of Mod Podge that I just had to try it myself. For those of you that don't know what Mod Podge is: It's a glue that is normally used for decoupaging, but a lot of crafters also use it for pretty much everything else, because it attaches on almost every surface giving a sheer finish.The down part of Mod Podge is, is that it's kinda expensive. It's not as expensive to not make me buy it, but for some projects I could use a cheaper version.

There are a lot of discussions going around saying that the homemade version is not the same thing as the 'real deal'. And let me just be clear by saying that this is not the same as Mod Podge. It's a formula that has similar qualities as the real recipe, but it's not the same. I've read that the homemade version can give a yellow glow after a couple of years and doesn't hold as long as the real podge.

This being sad, I still needed a cheap glue that's similar to Mod Podge for my smaller projects. I wouldn't use this for something that needs to stay intact for many years, but it would be great for experiments and low budget crafts.

And to finish it of, I made a fun label and gave it my own name;)

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You Will Need

  • How to make a glue & adhesives. Lana's Podge Diy - Step 1
    Step 1

    1. Get your supplies: white glue (which is children's glue, I bought it Hema); jar; paper with a fun pattern; paint brush or sponge; scissors; pen and some water.
    2. Cut a fun shape out of the paper.
    3. Write the name of your podge on the paper.
    4. Making the podge: Take your white glue and put it in the jar.
    5. Fill the glue container halfway with water.
    6. Add the water to the glue.
    7. Shake, shake, shake! And the podge is done!
    8. Put some podge on the back of your label and paste it onto the jar, let it dry.
    9. Apply a layer of the podge over the label to seal it.

    All done!

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CO + K User

...yeah Ive been doing this for years, just watered down glue
Reezy:) R.
Reezy:) R. · 4 projects
I like the idea, but isn't this just glue wash? Like the same things you use for paper mache, or tissue paper?

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