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Antique flare
I'm not that into spikes and studded collars beinga Romantigoth, so i decided to take inspiration from The Lady of the Manners. In her tutorial of Blood Spatter Manicure, I noticed that she wore a studded bracelet on her left wrist with pink lace on it. It brought a ladylike and mature image to bracelet.

Posted by Raven Beauty from Plettenberg Bay, Western Cape, South Africa • Published See Raven Beauty 's 11 projects »

  • Step 1

    Cut a very long piece of black satin ribbon and make sure it can go around your wrist twice. Then cut two pieces of lace, one black and one white and measure them to the dimentions of your bracelet. REMEMBER!!!!!! you must not block the holes or the buckle! So cut your lace just after the last hole and just before the buckle

  • Step 2

    play around with the placement of your lace. the black lace should be longer than the white and should almost flow over yourhand. Once you're decided how you'd like it to appear on the bracelet, sew the black and white lace together with see-through nylon thread.

  • Step 3

    Now sew the long piece of ibbon onto the lace pieces with the same nylon thread.

  • Step 4

    Find the middle stud on your bracelet and the middle of your lace and make sure they line up. Try them on without gluing them together and make any neccessary adjustments. Now use hot glue to glue the satin ribbon and lace pieces to the bracelet, avoiding the holes and buckle!!

  • Step 5

    Buckle up your bracelet and tie the satin straps in a biiig bow :)

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