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shirt tshirt t-shirt t v neck v-neck laced lace
Simple shirt. cut a v neck then laced the back

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You Will Need

  • Step 1

    first lay out the t shirt and cut a v neck ( u should be able to figure that out on ur own)

  • Step 2

    then flip it over. cut out the back of the shirt to about half way up the back

  • Step 3

    then from the excess cloth u just cut off, cut for rows about an inch wide. pull each of them to stretch them then tie two of each of the strips together at one end

  • Step 4

    starting at the top where u cut to, make 1/8 inch diameter holes down each side about an inch apart

  • Step 5

    now take the two strips u have and tie one end of each on to the top hole on each side then lace back and forth going through the holes goign down, tie and ur done

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