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A easy-to-make Vintage Headband
This headband is really easy to make and doesn't cost much.The best thing about this project is that you don't need a glue gun - you can just use normal fabric glue - but just make sure it dries clear! I first got the idea when I was at a market and saw some really cheap lace. I quickly brought it and for the rest of the day was wondering what I should use it for. Suddenly it came to me - a lace headband - and that is how the idea was born!

Happy Crafting!

Posted by Willow Bon-Bon from London, United Kingdom • Published See Willow Bon-Bon's 29 projects »

  • Step 1

    First lay all of your equipment on a wipe clean-surface or just lay newspaper out.

  • Step 2

    Next place the lace on top of the hairband and measure the length. Measure it right from the bottom so theres no gaps. Now cut the lace carefully with sharp scissors.

  • Step 3

    Then, glue a line of fabric glue on the top of the hairband and gently place the lace on. Make sure its lined up with both ends and looks neat and tidy. Ta da! A gorgeous headband - which you can now say was made by you...

    But it doesn't have to end there. If you want you could tie a bow with the rest of the lace and stick that on. Or you could glue buttons on top of the lace. It's utterly up to you!
    Have fun experimenting!

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Willow Bon-Bon
Willow Bon-Bon · London, GB · 29 projects
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