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Comfi, softer, stronger
My iPod earbuds were in deep need of a makeover… new ones cost €40!!! The exterior looks dreadful because of use though the quality is still absolutely fine.

Posted by EVEnl from Leidschenveen, Zuid-Holland, The Netherlands • Published See EVEnl's 307 projects »
  • Step 1

    I found it difficult to knit and I am an experienced knitter if you decide to try this pattern be sure not to drop stitches or let your needle drop out of your stitches… this could be very frustrating.


    - Losely cast on 6 stitches and divide them over 3 needles

    - increase one on each needle (9sts)

    - Knit one round

    - * K1, incr 1 in next stitch, K1. repeat from * all three needles (12sts)

    - Knit one round

    - * K1, incr 1 in next stitch, K2. repeat from * all three needles (15sts)

    - Knit one round

    - * K1, incr 1 in next stitch, K3. repeat from * all three needles (18sts)

    - Knit one round

    - K1 * K2 together pass first stitch over, K1, pass stitch over. repeat from *

    - break off yarn and leave about 4″ tail and pull through last stitch. Pull tight and tie.

    - Inside of the knitted cover you should have the strand of yarn you casted on the stitches with (the original tail), this strand is secure. Snip it so that it is no longer visible.

    Repeat all steps to create the second pad

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Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Awesome green idea of yours!!! i had bought coloured ones of the Hema but give them all away of the colours, and they didn't are sooo stongly as yours So i'm very glad with your tute, so i can make my own more durable and well fit cozy's in my own colours i like the most!!!
thanks for you tute and sharing, well done!!!!
kristin v.
kristin v. · 1 project
it sounds good... do they keep the earbuds protected? and your ears of courseTongue?
i'm looking for new pads, since i lost mine, again 8-), and this seems a good solution Happy

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