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Knit an ice pack cover to help cool your rollergirl bruises.
Before you start you should measure your ice pack. Mine was about 12cm by 12 cm, but I made the ice pack cover a bit bigger to allow for room when the ice pack gets burst for use. In this case I made it about 15cm x 15cm (even though the picture makes it look more of a rectangle than a square...)

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  • Step 1

    Cast on 32 stitches in Colour A
    Row 1-8: Knit all stitches
    Switch to Colour B and
    Knit 8 rows

    Continue in this pattern - knit 8 rows in Colour A then 8 rows in Colour B until your piece measures twice the length of your ice pack cover. In this case, mine was 15cm, my stripes were 2cm, so I made 16 stripes for 32cm. I ended with a Colour B Row

  • Step 2

    Switch to Colour A and begin decreasing in the following pattern:

    Row 1 - k2tog, knit 28, k2tog
    Row 2 - knit across
    Row 3 - k2tog, knit24, k2tog
    Row 4 - knit across
    Row 5 - k2tog, knit 20, k2tog
    Button hole row:
    Row 6 - knit 10 stitches, bind off two stitches, knit to end of row
    Row 7 - k2tog, knit 8 stitches, cast on two stictches, knit 8 stitches, k2tog
    Row 8 - knit across

  • Step 3

    Switch to Colour B
    Row 1 - k2tog, knit 12, k2tog
    Row 2 - knit across
    Row 3 - k2tog, knit 8, k2tog
    Row 4 - knit across
    Row 5 - k2tog, knit 4, k2tog
    Row 6 - knit across
    Row 7 - k2tog twice
    Row 8 - k2tog

  • Step 4

    Bind off last stitch and weave in all ends.

    Finishing: Fold over (right sides together) to make a 15cm pocket. Seam sides and turn right side out. Fold flap over and use buttonhole row to mark placement of the button. Sew on your button. Ta-da!

    This ice pack cover will also work to hold sealed sandwich bags of ice cubes, a small bag of frozen peas, or whatever other type of ice thing your are using to ease that swelling.

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This is super cool! I don't know how to knit, (my friend said she would teach me sometime Happy) but I bet it would be easy to make something similar with crocheting! Happy

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