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This is a pattern for lovely knit warmers.
They are short in length, but because of the chunky wool and decorative stitch these warmers are really warm and beautiful.

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  • How to make fingerless gloves. Knit Warmers In Moss Stitch - Step 1
    Step 1

    The Moss Stitch pattern:
    Cast on 38 stitches

    The project requires 3 mm size knitting needles.100 gr of yarn.
    The gauge: 16 sts. in 4 in.(10 cm).

    Ribbing = 8 rows: K2P2 right side / P2K2 the opposite)
    Row 9 starts the double moss stitch: K2,then P1, K1(repeat this to the end)
    Row 10 = P1, K1, (repeat this to the last 2 sts) then P2
    Row 11 = K1, P1 (*repeat this to the last 2 sts.) then K2
    Row 12= P2,then K1,P1 to the end.
    Repeat rows 9-12 until the desired length is achieved.

    Next row - ribbing for 6 rows. Bind off.

    Repeat these 4 rows until the desired length is achieved (I repeated these 4 rows for 8 times which totals 32 rows of double moss stitch without the ribbing!)
    Next start the ribbing again (as explained above) and knit it for 6 rows. Bind off!

  • How to make fingerless gloves. Knit Warmers In Moss Stitch - Step 2
    Step 2

    Note: Please note that I cast 38 sts because I have fairly tiny wrists . If you have longer/bigger arms/wrists cast more sts. than suggested here. Remember that you have to have an even number of stitches.

    This is also a quick project and you may use it to make some last minute gifts!

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