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Key Earrings
I made these today =D
they make me happy (:Ok so i h

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  • Step 1

    ad an old pair of joke hand cuffs and the keys, but you dont need them to get in adn out of the hand cuffs and these really mathced my handcuff necklace soo...

  • Step 2

    Firstly i got the keys ;o

  • Step 3

    i then attatched a jump ring to the top hole :O

  • Step 4

    then attatched an earring hook to that and closed it >;O
    WOAAAAAH difficult much ?

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Mommy's Little Maniac
Mommy's Little Maniac · U.S. Air Force Academy, Colorado, US · 17 projects
woah! i didnt even see this before i made mine, now im tempted to go get a set of those kiddy cuffs lol XD. nice job ^^
Laura Collins
Laura Collins · 12 projects
they really are'nt that heavy , there like joke keys yno ?
there the same sorta weight as any dangley earings :3
Natalie S.
Natalie S. · London, GB · 8 projects
oooh, I like!... But don't the weight of the keys hurt your ears?

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