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Jewelry Organiser.
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Hanging organiser for necklaces, anklets, watches and bracelets.

I didn't plan to make a how-to at first, thus, I didn't take proper pictures while making it, I'm so sorry!

But, I hope, I could inspire any of you to make an organiser for your lovely jewelries, let's get started!


  • How to make a jewelry hanger. Jewelry Organiser. - Step 1
    Step 1

    you will need 16 wooden clothespins.

    Take 2 clothespins, and glue one on top of another one.

    Do that for all these 16 clothespins.

    Now, you have 8 clothespins (each is made of two clothespins glued to each other)

  • Step 2

    Measure on your wooden mat, where you want to place your clothespins.

    I divided mine into 4 rows.

    Glue them on the right and left side of each row.

    Let it dry; I left mine for an overnight to be sure it has dried up completely.

  • Step 3

    Next morning, simply take your chopsticks or any sticks you have, and clip them within those clothespins.

    Now, you have 4 rows of chopsticks, clipped in between of a pair of double-stacking clothespins on its right and left.

    Then, clip your wooden mat (which is now has clothespin glued to it, with the chopsticks) to a wooden hanger.

    Hang it wherever you want.

  • Step 4

    Now, you are done!

    Every time you want to take out your bracelets, you can clip one side of the clothespin, and take your bracelet out from the chopstick.

    Or, you can simply unlock your bracelet from the chopstick.

  • Step 5

    Every time you want to take out your bracelet, simply unclip one of the clothespin, and take your bracelet out.

    Or, if you could unlock your bracelet, you could do that either, without even moving the chopstick and unclipping the clothespins.

    Hope this helps, even not much, have fun!

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