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It looks like a painting, but is a Jewelry Box, so two for the price of one ;)

Thanks for taking a look at my painting-box!
This thing is actually 5+ years old, but I recently redid the inside of it with fabric in stead of only nails.

When I was 11/12 years old, I went to my parents and I suddenly realized that I made the same thing out of an old shoe box, which I wrapped in paper and attached broken mirrors on.

This one is more sophisticated though. It really looks like a painting, not a shoebox. I've made it because I needed a place to hold my jewellery, but was tired to searching through jewellery boxes and drawers.


- You need a painting, artwork, whatever to put behind the plexiglass.
I made the pattern with pencil, a long time before I even had the idea of making this thing. After I bought the plexiglass, I noticed the with fitted exactly, so I didn't had to draw more of the pattern on.
- You need to make a box out of wood, attach the hinges, a knob and the magnetic closures to it. It must not be too deep, or else it will look like a box and not like a painting.
- You'll need to saw the wood you'll use for the frame in 45°, by using a mitre box. This will keep your plexiglass and artwork in the right place.

You can chose to glue everything together and/or to use nails.

I attached the fabric on the inside with staples. Because the wood was quite hard, they wouldn't go completely through. That's why I can hang necklaces, bracelets and hangers from it.
I chose a firm, woven, cotton fabric. This way I can hang earrings from it, without making noticeable holes. This way I can hang earrings where I want.
Before the fabric I used nails to hang earrings from, after moving I didn't know where certain earrings belonged, so they all ended up in a box.

I hope you like it. Maybe you can make your own! It is really useful and pretty at the same time!
Let me know if you do.


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