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Extract from Pretty Birds • By Virginia Lindsay • Published by Running Press


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Pretty Birds
Even if you see them regularly, the sighting of hummingbirds is always special. Their beautiful bright colors, tiny size, and super-fast movements make them unique among birds.
Seeing a hummingbird is like glimpsing a little bit of magic!

The vibrant colors of this Hummingbird make it perfect to sew with your scrap fabrics. When searching for the right materials to use, consider the beautiful jewel tones of real hummingbirds. There are more than 300 types of hummingbirds so there are a huge number of possibilities. Their colors are amazing, and you can try to recreate them with your fabrics. This project is a little more detailed than some of my other birds, but the result is very special and worth the extra effort.

Get stitching!

Pattern measures

Lentgth: 6 ½ in. (17cm)
Width: 7 ½ in. (19 cm)

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© 2024 Virginia Lindsay / Running Press · Reproduced with permission. · Reprinted with permission from Pretty Birds © 2015 Virginia Lindsay, Running Press, a member of the Perseus Books Group.
  • Step 1

    Cut out all the pattern pieces according to the guidelines. Make sure to cut the body pieces as mirror images.

  • Step 2

    Fuse interfacing to the wrong sides of the wing and tail pieces. Sew right sides of the tail together, leaving an opening for turning. Trim seams, turn right side out, and press flat. Topstitch around the perimeter and topstitch vertical lines for reinforcement.

  • Step 3

    Fold a wing piece sides together. Sew the short straight sides together. Trim the seams and turn right side out. Press flat. Zigzag stitch along the curved edge or use overcast stitch along the curved edge or use overcast stitch if handsewing. Topstitch over the two straight edges. Topstitch a curve through the center of the wing piece.
    Repeat for the other wing.

  • Step 4

    Attach the two body pieces to either side of the head piece. Go slowly with the sewing machine or handsew the pieces together. Fold the body piece right sides together. Fold the body piece right sides together and sew from the head seam down to the end of the tail. Trim seams down and finger press the seams open.

  • Step 5

    Place belly and throat pieces right sides together. Sew ¾ in. (2 cm) in from either side, leaving an opening in the center. Press the seams out. Place belly/throat piece right sides together with the head/body piece. From the head, sew ¾ in. (2 cm) in from either side leaving an opening in the center. Trim down the seams and clip the tail.

  • Step 6

    Turn the body right side out through the throat opening. Stuff with polyester fiberfill and close with ladder stitch. Sew running stitch around the head opening. Gently pull the thread and gather the fabric closed. Knot the thread to secure the gathering.

  • Step 7

    Sew the wings and tail onto the body with ladder stitch. place the wings along the belly and back seam, just below where the belly and throat come together. Attach the tail about an inch (2.5 cm) above the body tip.

  • Step 8

    Push the piece of wire inside the gathered fabric you made in Step 6. Smear a little flue onto the wire and then wrap embroidery floss around wire and around the raw edge of gathered fabric area. Tie off embroidery floss. Sew on the button eyes.

    Other Ideas to Try


    Attach clear fishing line to your Hummingbird and hang it by the window for a taste of summer year round. It will be interesting to see what real hummingbirds (who are famously territorial) think of this handmade one!

    Key Holder

    Attach a tab to the back of your bird and he will make a striking key holder. Do this by either handsewing on a fabric loop at the end or adding a loop during Step 4. Attach a key ring to the loop and then attach to your keys.

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