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My tutorial will show you how i tighten my dreadlocks, and clean up loose hair.
I was never able to understand how to crochet dreadlocks from other peoples tutorials so I decided to try it on my own. I was also never capable of finding the right size crochet hook where I live so I just got a pack of different small sizes. The one I used was 6/1.80mm. Before the crochet hooks, however, I made my own little "crochet hook" that I will soon make a tutorial for.

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You Will Need

crochet hook
  • How to make a dreadlock / fall. How To Tighten Dreadlocks - Step 1
    Step 1

    Push the crochet hook through the middle of your dread. If you're trying to pull in loose hair put it in through the opposite side of which the loose hair is. As shown in the image.

  • Step 2

    D: so terribly sorry, the other pictures got deleted but I can try to explain the rest. Basically you just continue pulling in hair into the dreadlock. And if you want to do it quicker, after putting the crochet hook into the dreadlock, before pulling hair in, wrap a little bundle of hair around the hook and then pull through do this all the way down the dreadlock. Then palm roll it very well, and see if there are any loose hairs still and use the crochet hook the pull that hair in. if you have new, or baby dreads this can be very useful for tightening dreads. This method is also very useful for synthetic dreads and dreadlock extentions to make them look more natural and/or real

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