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Art life hacks allowing you to save money on resources and materials
The aim of this tutorial is to inform anyone that’s looking to pursue art or is a beginner that there are alternatives to pricey art supplies. I have listed two ‘hacks’ below that I believe will be life changing for any artist as they are super affordable compared to the branded products.

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  • How to make a techniques. How To Make Your Own Art Supplies: - Step 1
    Step 1

    The first hack is an alternative to BLENDING STUMPS as I personally go through them very quickly. Common tissues can blend out pencil just as well as blending stumps can. It is a very useful and cheap alternative especially if you are a beginner artist and do not want to spend large amounts on supplies as everyone has some form of tissue at home.

  • How to make a techniques. How To Make Your Own Art Supplies: - Step 2
    Step 2

    The second art hack is making your own small eraser for fine details. As you may be aware, eraser pens are very expensive however, if you buy a super cheap eraser you can cut it into thin strips and use these to create fine details on your drawings. Works exactly the same as an eraser pen accept it is much more affordable!!

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