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How To Make Vintage Jewelry
Have you ever wondered how to make vintage jewelry? Or wonder to know what to do with old costume jewelry and wished you could have a moment to own one piece of them? At today’s how to article, a sparkling fashion vintage jewelry will be included-a pair of vintage earrings out of Gemstone Beads and Tibetan Style Connectors.

  • How to make a hoop earring. How To Make Vintage Jewelry - Step 1
    Step 1

    Assemble beads with Tibetan Style Connector

    Part1: prepare 20cm long Nylon wire and string Round Natural Howlite Beads*5 and then pass both tips together through Cat Eye Bead*1.

    Part2: lead the left and right tip respectively through two Round Natural Howlite Beads of both sides.

    Part3: cross two tips through Round Natural Howlite Beads*1.

    Part4: take the Tibetan Style Connector and find a hole around the outer circle; then thread the wire tips through front side to back side; pull the tips to the opposite hole and thread both tips back to the front side again and cross through the Round Natural Howlite Beads*1. Tie knots at back side.

  • Step 2

    Make the dangling parts

    String Czech Glass Bead*1 with proper length eyepins; and make a Wrapped Triangle Bail with drop-shape Synthetical Howlite Bead by using one longer Eyepin.

  • Step 3

    Group fashion vintage jewelry

    Group the above branches and a pair of vintage earring has finished!

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