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really easy and fun!!! :)
very simple and easy to do!!

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  • Step 1

    Heat up water in the microwave for 2 minutes P.S the water will be VERY HOT!! so you might want to get something to grab it with

  • Step 2

    Next put your kool-aid into the water (i prefer cherry tropical punch or purplsauruas rex)

  • Step 3

    Next dip the section of hair you want into the water for 5 mins... THE WATER WILL BE HOT DONT PUT HOT WATER DIRECTLY ONTO YOUR SCALP!!!!!

  • Step 4

    After that dry it off and VIOLA!Your hair is colorful.... Oh and the color usally last 2-3 weeks depending on how much you wash it... i wash my hair and go swimming and it usally last 2 weeks... GOOD LUCK :)

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Monica L.
Monica L. · 2 projects
@Barbara W. yes it is and its ALOTTT cheaper than going out to buy 20-30 dollar hair dye or going 2 get it done at salon!!!!!!!!
Bana Chan
Bana Chan · 1 project
How fun! I've heard of people dying white miniture poodles light pink with kool aid, so I'm sure it's pretty harmless. In fact, it's probably better for you to dye your hair with it than drink it, LOL.
Monica L.
Monica L. · 2 projects
yes its fine 4 your hair i do it all the time but i also deep conditon my hair 2 times a month so.... And it might work on darker hair it just depends on what color u use i have dirty blonde hair so?!?!?
Sk8t3r4lif3 xx
Sk8t3r4lif3 xx · Auckland, Auckland, NZ · 2 projects
I think that mite damage your hair..
Todd Allison
Todd Allison · River Ridge, Louisiana, US · 7 projects
Are you sure this would be safe for your hair? It seems like that might not end well...

CO + K User

Do you know if this works on darker hair? Mine's... medium brown, i guess.

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