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How I draw eyes on all my portrait pieces
Certain aspects of the face can make your drawing stand out if perfected. Today, I will be showing you how I draw eyes on all of my portrait pieces. I understand that the main areas many artists struggle with on the face tends to be eyes and lips. My aim is to provide you with some tips and tricks that you can take away and incorporate within your own pieces.

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  • How to create a portrait. How To Draw Eyes - Step 1
    Step 1

    To begin with you will need to sketch out the eye you would like to draw. If you are not comfortable with drawing human anatomy, feel free to trace using tracing paper or a light up board.

    Once you have the initial sketch, you should start outlining the iris with your HB pencil then blend out using the Derwent blending stump then repeat this again. You will now need your B pencil to repeat the process of outlining the iris and then blending out with the blending stump.

  • How to create a portrait. How To Draw Eyes - Step 2
    Step 2

    Once you have completed this, you want to repeat a similar process for around the pupil however this time you want to draw lines around the pupil. This will develop the detail within the eye. You want to start off doing these lines with a HB pencil then blending with the blending stump, repeating again before doing the same steps with the B pencil.

    Once you have this, you can now shade a black circle within the eye.

  • How to create a portrait. How To Draw Eyes - Step 3
    Step 3

    You can now blend the gap between both shaded areas to make it look smoother and more natural. To get the highlights within the pupil, you want to get your Tom bow eraser pencil and erase any highlights you notice on your reference image. Layering the rubber on these highlight areas will allow the highlights to truly pop. If the highlight is not as opaque then use the eraser pen with a lighter hand.

  • How to create a portrait. How To Draw Eyes - Step 4
    Step 4

    Now the process is exactly the same for the areas around the eye, such as the inner corner and lid space on the top and bottom. Next, outline with a HB pencil then blend out with the blending stump, repeat these steps again before repeating with the B pencil. Any highlights can be added with the Tom Bow eraser.

    You can then proceed to add any finishing details like eyelashes and eyebrows.

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