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Based on Homemade Tattoo Gun by Kizzle
Me and my boyfriend made this tattoo gun out of a crest spinbrush, mechanical pencil parts, capri sun straw, and sewing needle.

Posted by Ariel Greenwood from Lake Elsinore, California, United States • Published See Ariel Greenwood's 107 projects »

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Xx13.CrowsxX · Adelaide, South Australia, AU · 169 projects
Homemade tattoos fade as you are not trained in the skill and technique needed, it's not as easy as just drawing something on your skin. You need to know what your doing, what layer of skin you need to penetrate, how to not chew up the skin etc!! I strongly urge you don't tattoo yourself, as much as one is tempting really how tempting is blood poisoning? Or a staph infection or even better and std. Once again professional tattooist are trained in this field, with sterilisation, ohs, skin penetration, airborne and blood Bourne diseases etc, ppl say this will save them money but really how much is your life worth? Think about it ppl
Corvus · 1 project
whoooohooo! i see myself saving lots of money ; )
Sam A.
Sam A.
The original one is apparently forbidden...
Candace Starr
Candace Starr · Sacramento, California, US · 2 projects
please read the comment I left on the other persons page who made one of these....
kellbear · 12 projects
Cool idea, Happy
Think ill stick to getting the rest of mine done at the shop lol
Lady Shadow
Lady Shadow · Dillwyn, Virginia, US · 12 projects
does it actually work?
oReO~cOoKieE · 9 projects
It's because the sewing needle is thinner than a normal tattoo needle
Goth Ninja
Goth Ninja · Point, Texas, US · 3 projects
Um... You may not be going deep enough in your skin, but I don't recommend making DIY tattoos at all!
peppermint stripe//
peppermint stripe// · Stirling, Scotland, GB · 3 projects
why is it that DIY tattoos always fade Happy
i always thought it was the ink but the last time i did one i bought some proper tattoo ink, it still faded. if anyone knows how to make DIY tattoos stay it would be great to find out!
oscar h.
oscar h.
sssssss cool!!!!!!!!!
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