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Extract from 50 Fabric Animals • By Karen Murphy • Published by Search Press


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Sew a hobbyhorse.

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  • How to make a hobby horse. Hobbyhorse  - Step 1
    Step 1


    Draw all the pieces on the wrong side of the linen. Cut out, adding 1cm (3?8in) all round for seam allowances. Stitch the ears together in pairs with right sides facing, leaving the curved base edge open. Turn out and then slip a little stuffing into each one. Tack an ear to each side head in the position marked on the pattern. Stitch all the remaining pieces together with right sides facing, 1cm (3?8in) from the edges, ensuring that the lettered edges match. Leave the back open. Turn out and stuff before closing up the head but leaving the opening at the bottom end for the broom handle.

  • Step 2

    Cut out two triangles and two squares from green fabric and attach to the inside of the ears and the cheeks using large stitching and linen thread. Sew on the small buttons for the nostrils and the large ones for the eyes, using the brown embroidery cotton. Embroider the mouth with large cross stitches. Braid the cord to obtain a piece approximately 1m (40in) long. Sew to each end of the mouth for a rein. Untwist more of the string or cord to separate the strands and cut into long pieces. Use backstitch to attach bundles of the strands tightly to the back of the head for the mane. Slide the broom handle into the head and secure it with several turns of very tight cord around the fabric. Tie securely.

    Tip: You do not have to use a broom handle for this hobbyhorse. If you look closely at the one in the photograph, you will see that it is actually a stick of bamboo.

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