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him and her fuzzys

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  • Step 1

    sorry i dont have a step to step pictures i did this project last year before holloween

    her fuzzys
    1.) first you will need to put on your boots to measure the length and the with so when you put the fuzzy's/legwarmer on it with be the length and the with of the leg and boot

  • Step 2

    2.) take your fabric and rap it around your leg at an angel that way it will look sum what of a funnel shape and fit right around the bottom of your boot

  • Step 3

    3.) then when your done you take a marker and mark where the felt ends

  • Step 4

    4.) cut the felt/ fabric

  • Step 5

    5.) take your elastic and measure around ur calf cut and sew but if you are using a old sock or neahigh sock which is what i used all you have to do is sew it to the fabric/felt

  • Step 6

    6.) make your felt/fabric like you had it befor when u mesured but not on on u then sew the fabric together and cut off extra then sew the sockband or elastic to the fabric

  • Step 7

    7.) put them on and have fun with ur new legwarmers/fuzzys :D!!

  • Step 8

    his shoe fuzzys
    these ones are much simpler to make

    1.) take your shoes id use fabric shoes or thin high top shoes because when i used the leather ones it was hard to sew cus of the thickness so prob get converse or a genaric brand if your buying them

  • How to make boot covers. Him And Her Fuzzys - Step 9
    Step 9

    2.) cut the fabrick to the shape of the shoe as seen then glue or sew on.

  • Step 10

    3.) then when all done putting the fabric around the shoe make holes were the laces going and just thread your laces the way you want the tada you already to ware them :)

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