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easy way for a new look
A few months ago I los my favourite dark green cardigan. When I couldn´t find it I bought the same one again. A few weeks later I found the first one behind my bed. Now I had two and decided to refashion one of them. Here´s what I did...


  • How to make an elbow patch. Heart Shaped Elbow Patches - Step 1
    Step 1

    1. Bend your arm to see where the patch is supposed to go.

    2. Cut out a heart, check whether it fits.

    3. Cut your heart out of fusible web that you can iron on both sides. The one that comes with the paper. (Sorry, I don´t know the English name) I din´t have that on hand so there are some additional steps, that you won´t have to follow. (6+7)

    4. Iron the fusible web harts onto the wrong side of the fabric.

    5. Cut out. When your using the fusible web I suggested, you cut out along the lines of the heart. If you use any other fusible web add "seam allowance".

    6. Iron the edges to the back of the heart (miss this step with the right fusible web)

    7. Iron from the other side. (-/-)

    8. Does the heart still fit to the elbow, than pin it carefully.

    9. Use a backstich to sew on the patch.

    10. Done!

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Tracy C.
Tracy C. · Pretoria, Gauteng, ZA · 10 projects
Such a cute idea!
OhSillyMeXD · 2 projects
oober cute! so making this!!!

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