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I had an urge to make pancakes... so I did... :)
I have recently started eating more healthy, but alas... I succum to temptation! Then suddenly... I decided to make pancakes, but from scratch, as I have only ever used packet mixes (which weren't really that good...), and making something yourself is always good!
By the way, the 'chips' in the bowl are decoration... not real chips, I'm not that weird... ;D

some reason... I can't change it to a how to... oh well..

Posted by Megan M. from Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom • Published See Megan M.'s 7 projects »
  • Step 1

    step1- sift dry ingredients into large bowl.
    step2- in a seperate bowl ( a jug is easier) mix together wet ingredients.
    step3- combine dry and wet ingredients, and dont worry if the batter is lumpy, it's supposed to be!
    step4- tip in the yummy blueberries... mix
    step5- heat a small frying pan and use spray oil on the pan (did that make sense? I'm not sure myself...)
    step6- spoon mixture onto hot frying pan and cook until golden brown. make as many as you can! (I made 8)
    step7- pile 'em high on a plate and serve with fresh bluberries ans whipped cream! yummers...

    variation(s): you don't have to put blueberries in the mix, you can leave it plain or add something else (i may try chocolate chips myself :)), or you can serve them with maple syrup, chocolate sauce... possibilities are truly endless... and this recipie is only 110 calories per pancake! WOO HOO!
    *PLEASE NOTE* these can be addictive! my mum had like two within 5 minutes of me making them! lolzzzzz :D

    I do hope you try this recipie... I would love to see versions! You may give me some ideas... :D

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