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I just loved the comic shoes I saw floating around the internet and I knew I had to have some of my own. But, all I saw were sneakers and tennis shoes that were decorated! I wanted ballet flats with Harley Quinn (the Joker's girlfriend, you could say) on them. So, I did it!

Enjoy! If you have any questions, feel free to ask. <3

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  • How to make a pair of decoupage shoes. Harley Quinn Comic Shoes - Step 1
    Step 1

    I bought a cheap pair of white flats to decorate. At first, I was worried that the vinyl-like material wouldn't work, but it worked out just fine.

  • How to make a pair of decoupage shoes. Harley Quinn Comic Shoes - Step 2
    Step 2

    Cut out any images you want to use. I used one comic book (Harley Quinn #4) that had a lot of pictures that I wanted. Cutting probably takes the most time, so just be patient. Try to cut some pictures so that they have a background, and some with just the character you want, so you can overlap them nicely. Also make sure they generally fit the shoe (but you can snip more off as you glue them on)

  • How to make a pair of decoupage shoes. Harley Quinn Comic Shoes - Step 3
    Step 3

    Now, apply some mod podge on the area you are to place the paper. Put it on, smooth it out, and brush more mod podge over the edges. Repeat for both shoes.

    Lastly, put on a thick coat and let it dry until clear. I put on two more after this to be safe, and let it dry for 72 hours after the last coat. Outdoor mod podge should make it waterproof, but don't go jumping in any puddles or something.

    Enjoy your shoes!


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Lauren H.
Lauren H. · Jeannette, Pennsylvania, US
Just out of curiosity, where did you find a Harley Quinn comic book? Was it a version of a Batman comic, or is the title character Harley?
Harley Quinn
Harley Quinn · 7 projects
It was a part of Harley's own comic series, "Harley Quinn!" I got doubles of the issues I wanted to cut up. In the future, I might make copies of the pages I want to cut up and cut up the copies so I don't have to get two books!
cyyn.RaaiinbooW · Barcelona, Catalonia, ES
Wow i love your shoes
Sammi · 6 projects
I love this, but, will it fall apart? Like, will the comic strips fall off in the rain/any dampness or mud?
Harley Quinn
Harley Quinn · 7 projects
I made these three years ago and they're still going strong Happy I wear them once in a while and make sure not to step in deep puddles - however, they should be weather resistant because of the outdoor mod podge you put to seal it in.
Elias The Great
Elias The Great
This is fabulous
Stacy P.
Stacy P. · Ozark, Missouri, US · 2 projects
I'm not a huge fan of comics, but I love anime, so if I ever have the time to make these, I'll be using manga pages! Or pictures I find online of my favorite anime characters and stuff. LOVE this idea, though! Happy
Harley Quinn
Harley Quinn · 7 projects
Abbie H: I got mine at Michael's, my local craft store. If you do not have a craft/art store near you, try finding it online. I used "OUTDOOR MOD PODGE", and the smallest container should do the trick for you! Hope that helped, but if not, feel free to ask more questions.

Teehee It's MeeMee, thank you so much! Your compliment means a lot to me!
TeeHee It's MeeMee
TeeHee It's MeeMee · 21 projects
Undoubtedly the coolest shoes, EVER.
Abbie H.
Abbie H. · Newcastle upon Tyne, England, GB
This is a reeaaallllyyy basic question but I've never ever heard of modge podge, and have never seen it anywhere and loads of the cool tutorials seem to use it! I've googled it a few times and there seem to be loads of brands and variations and I'm so lost at all the different prices! Which do you lot use??
Harley Quinn
Harley Quinn · 7 projects
You can use anything you want! I feel like a color would be so much fun! I used white because it was what I had on hand.
Jojo Bear :]
Jojo Bear :]
can you only use white colored ones or can you use a different color?
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