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harley quinn buslesque costume
made to wear to the elf fantasy fair (a convetion for us crazies) has so much fun ^.^
yeah had to stop all my other big projects because i decided to go as my girl Harley 2 months before the event...
hurray for procrastination!

if someone would like to know how I made this i could make a how-to for my next costume, i think it will be simmulair, or i can try to make a how-to :)

(fun fact: when security asked my name and i said harley, they didnt believe me and i had to show my ID....)

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Emmy S.
Emmy S. · Houston, Texas, US
would love a how-to!
harley r.
harley r. · 28 projects
for this summer (if it ever comes in this icy country of mine) i will be making most of the parts i used for this costume as normal (fabulous) clothing, i will try to make a how-to on all the parts Happy ....and ill start when my sewing machine is reincarnated :'( and thanks for the fav!

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