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30 mins

The cutest ring you'll ever see
Cut a lenght of thin, but firm, iron wire a bit longer than the around-measurement of the finger the ring will go on to. You need the extra later, trust me. If you like, you can make a double, as seen in the picture. It will make the whole thing a bit more stable.

Take your thin gold wire and start wrapping it around the iron one. This is tedious and will take forever to get right. If you do it to fast you'll make lumps of gold wire which will look less pretty (but that could be just my opinion). DO NOT CUT OFF A LENGHT OF GOLD WIRE. Wrap directly from the roll since there is no way of knowing how much you'll need. Only cut it when you are done wrapping it.

Put the ring base around your finger to make it round-ish. Remember the extra length? Roll it up into a flat spiral. You will glue/sew the button onto this spiral.

Add the gear, the rose and whatever else you like to your button. (You may add this to the button before you glue it to the ring base, if you like).

Let dry completely before wearing.

If the spiral on the underside of the button hurts your finger, put some glue and maybe a tiny piece of fabric on it.

I really hope this makes any sense to you all =)

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