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Gonna **** up your ego, silly boy. Gonna make you cry.
I guess I was just feeling extra creative today, but doesn't Halloween do that to most people? Ah well, here is a purple, orange and black eye. Enjoy!

P.S. The purple and orange are from the Sugarpill Burning Heart pallet and I don't know why I'm using so much wording on the steps. Sorry.

Posted by Veronies from U.S. Air Force Academy, Colorado, United States • Published See Veronies's 32 projects »

  • Step 1

    After I put primer on my eye, I put little pieces of tape from the tip of my eyebrow to the outer corner of my eye. You don't have to do this. I did to make sure my lines matched.

  • Step 2

    Take a small brush and put the orange eyeshadow in the inner corner of your eye and blend it out about a third of the way. Also, put the orange underneath your eye.

  • Step 3

    Now take the black eyeshadow and put it on the rest of your lid. Now blend the crap out of it. Just kidding, but blend the orange and the black together. After I blended I think the orange went to almost halfway on my lid, but oh well. Also put the black in and above the crease a little.

  • Step 4

    Get a fluffy brush and put just a little purple on the black about the crease and blend it out. You'll want to build up the color to however you like it. Mine turned out to be a deep purple, but I like it. Blend it out to where the orange is on your lid.

  • Step 5

    Take the white eyeshadow and use it as your highlight. Mine had just a hint of shimmer to it.

  • Step 6

    Now just finish it with some black mascara and eyeliner.

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Veronies · U.S. Air Force Academy, Colorado, US · 32 projects
The orange is Flamepoint from Sugarpill.
Hey cool look what do you use for the orange?

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