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Kiss your dark locks good bye!
Alright so here's the deal.

I have dark black hair. Like jet jet black.
Now some of you may like that, and some of you may not.
I for one did not! I was tired of trying on countless dye and harsh chemicals in my hair only to get my locks red. Eww. So i whipped up this secret from "the old country" and this is what happened...

Ps. none of these pictures are mine, credits to whomever they belong to :)

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  • Step 1

    Alright so you have dark hair?
    Or maybe you're a blond who wants summer highlights.
    Or maybe you're a cute redhead wishing for some strawberry colour on your head
    Or maybe you're like me. and you just want natural light brown highlights in your dark hair

    This is what you do.

    Go to your local dollar store

  • How to make a coloring & dying. Hair Lightener Thing  - Step 2
    Step 2

    Once there ask the nice lady/man who works there for a bottle of
    Hydrogen Peroxide

    If your dollar store is like mine, they'll only carry 3%

    It's alright if they carry a higher percentage however be warned i haven't tried a higher percentage and i wouldn't risk it with anything higher because 3% is definitely enough...

  • How to make a coloring & dying. Hair Lightener Thing  - Step 3
    Step 3

    Now take a little bit of the peroxide, just eyeball the amount to much much you'll be using on your hair
    You want enough to dampen your hair

    Place it in a small spray bottle
    I used an old one i found laying around the house...

  • How to make a coloring & dying. Hair Lightener Thing  - Step 4
    Step 4

    Now if you bought a higher percentage then 3% you'll want to dilute the mixture with some good ol' H2O

    You want to half-and-half it.

  • How to make a coloring & dying. Hair Lightener Thing  - Step 5
    Step 5

    Now spritz some of this stuff onto your hair!

    Please don't be too excited and spray it in your eyes, it will sting, and you will cry...
    (experience talking)

  • How to make a coloring & dying. Hair Lightener Thing  - Step 6
    Step 6

    How much you want on your hair really depend on you, i just lightly dampen my hair with it

    Whip out your comb and brush your hair through

    Whip out some sunblock ( we dont want premature wrinkles do we ladies?) & later it onto your face

  • How to make a coloring & dying. Hair Lightener Thing  - Step 7
    Step 7

    Step outside with you damp hair and sit in a bright sunny patch until your hair is dry

    That should take about 15-20 minutes or so.

  • Step 8

    VOILA! All done.
    The peroxide doesn't leave any residue or smell, it actually just smells like the shampoo you may have used this morning...
    (if you didn't shampoo or shower then SHAME ON YOU)

  • How to make a coloring & dying. Hair Lightener Thing  - Step 9
    Step 9

    TIPS & Warnings!

    - Depending on the type of hair you have your locks may be dry for a bit form the SUN so, whip out some olive out & oil your hair

    -Olive oil naturally lightens your locks too :)

    - Please try and refrain from higher percentages of peroxide, 3% really works well, if for somereaosn you can get a hold of 3% then dilute it with water

    - You dont NEED the sun to lighten it, just the peroxide alone will do, but for highlights you want the sun, and quite a bit of it

    -If you want just some light highlights, spray your brush & brush your hair through with it

    -Hydrogen P breaks down in light so please remember to only take out as much as you need & close the cap quickly!

    -Make sure you get not only the top side of your hair but UNDER it too brush under & OVER

    -Use a bit at a time, it goes a LOONGG WAY

    - I did this treatment 3 times in a row and it worked really well :) I now have desired color that L'oreal couldn't give me, so try it out!



Rachel J.
Rachel J. · Ellensburg, Washington, US · 3 projects
This is what I always use to start dying my hair back to my natural blonde, before i use my store bought dye. The result is definitely lighter, and its safe to use. If this is the only method you use to lighten your hair, it may turn more of an "ash" color once you reach the blonde spectrum.
Lovette'sz-xoxo · 15 projects
I've tried lemon & it didn't give as awesome results as this has, not even close.
This didn't damage my hair at all,
it didn't make my hair smell like chemicals at all.
i'm happy with this Happy
ciinandii · Pretoria, Gauteng, ZA · 8 projects
You can just use lemon juice if you have light hair and want it lighter..Wash your hair, put it on and go out in the sun...it won't damage your hair and you aren't gonna smell like chemicals Happy
Lovette'sz-xoxo · 15 projects
I honestly dont know the peroxides reaction to dyed hair because when i did it, my dye was pretty much gone, so what i suggest is to follow the same procedure, but do it on a part of your head that isnt noticeable, and you dont need the sun, you can still get a dramatic result by just leaving it on at home, and keeping your hair just slightly damp with the peroxide, for about 2-3 days until you get the desired result Happy
Melvin · Girilambone, New South Wales, AU · 52 projects
I have two questions.
I have dyed black hair (very very very dark brown) will this work to lighten it because im sick of the black?
Its winter here, what can I do intead of sitting in the sun?
Lovette'sz-xoxo · 15 projects
Yah i tried it with lemon juice but didn't get the same or as good results as peroxide this is DEFINITELY better Happy
Emily R.
Emily R.
You can also do this with lemon juice.
Kata B.
Kata B. · Csömör, Pest County, HU · 24 projects
thanks a lot, i will try it out then Happy
Lovette'sz-xoxo · 15 projects
Hey Kate, like i said if you keep the percentage low, and use it, it shouldnt be a problem
It doesn't dry the hair out if you stay inside the house
and if you go in the sun, just oil it afterwards with olive oil or any other hair oil you may have for about 30 mins & wash off.
My hair was NOT damaged, but i have very strong Pakistani hair ;) so the results vary its MUCH safer than the store bought ones
Kata B.
Kata B. · Csömör, Pest County, HU · 24 projects
that's awesome! But doesn't it damage the hair two much? Because mine is pretty bad already. And won't your hair turn orange?

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