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Whatever shade of green you posses this look will perk up those eyes ;)
I've seen tons of different colored green eyes and its difficult to pick a sole loook that compliments them all but this is definitley that. My friend has icy green eyes and my other has a deep emerald. this also works for people with hazel eyes with a significant portion of green. :)

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  • How to create a green eye makeup look. Green Eye Makeup - Step 1
    Step 1

    Spread a neautral nude color onto the lid, making sure to pat it all over even into the crease.

  • How to create a green eye makeup look. Green Eye Makeup - Step 2
    Step 2

    Then add a deeper taupe color into the crease. Then VERY lightly pat a soft mauve kind of color onto the crease as well, so it appears brown but when light catches in certain ways you see the pinkish hue. That Really makes green pop

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n k.
n k. · Germany, Pennsylvania, US · 24 projects
thank you for this great how-to! I've tried brown before but taupe looks so much better.
I have the same eye color too Happy
when I had to make a new ID card (in germany they write your eye color on it) they had 3 people look at my eyes and still couldn't decide which color they are, one even said "grey" lol XD
they finally decided on "green-brown"
(now I know they're "hazel" ^^)
Haley · Manawa, Wisconsin, US · 8 projects
=) My eyes are almost the exact same color(s)! Everyone just calls them "brown-ish". It's like the biggest insult ever =( Haha.

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