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The Make-Up Manual
Ok, so this is the most fabulous, unwearable make-up look in the entire book! But I challenge each and every one of you to give it a go as you will feel, and look, just wonderful! (Just remember to drink through a straw and try not to kiss anyone – everyone will know if you do!) I first tried a glitter lip when I was 14 years old. I was going to the annual school disco and got my hands on some glitter from my mum’s craft box. I literally sprinkled some glitter onto a plate, chucked on some lip gloss and stuck my lips into it! I swallowed nearly as much glitter as I had on my lips, but it looked amazing and received many compliments that night! Since then, I’ve discovered cleaner and less dangerous ways to apply glitter to my lips! Recently legendary make-up artist, Pat Mcgrath, has produced glitter lip kits!

The glitter is super-fine and sparkly so it’s perfect for the lips. However, it’s also pretty hard to get your hands on, so a clear gloss and a fine glitter from any make-up brand will do just fine.

Posted by Ryland Peters & Small Published See Ryland Peters & Small's 148 projects » © 2023 Lisa Potter-Dixon / Ryland Peters & Small · Reproduced with permission. · The Make-Up Manual by Lisa Potter-Dixon, Ryland Peters & Small (£14.99) Photography by Rhys Frampton © Ryland Peters & Small
  • How to paint a glitter lip. Glitter Lips - Step 1
    Step 1

    Start by creating the perfect red lip (see below). Obviously, if you’re going for a different coloured glitter, match your lipstick to that. Then add a clear gloss over the top.

    step 1 Exfoliate your lips. (I heart the Lush Bubblegum Scrub, mainly because it tastes delish!) Dry your lips with a tissue and pat a small amount of concealer all over the lips. This will help to fill in any lines, priming them ready for lipstick, and help keep your lippy in place for longer.

    step 2 Using a lip liner in a similar red to your lipstick, draw a cross in the centre of your lips. This will define (or create if your lips are like mine) your cupid’s bow and ultimately give you the perfectlooking pout!

    step 3 Draw a line under or along the bottom of the lower lip for definition.

    step 4 Draw a line down the sides of the top lip from the cross. (All of these steps will make your lips look fuller, believe me.)

    step 5 Colour in the outer corners of your lips, top and bottom. This is the area that your lipstick tends to vanish from first, especially after a cocktail! By applying liner here, the colour will stay put for longer. Adding a depth of colour here and not in the centre of the lips will also create the illusion of fuller lips.

    step 6 Take your lipstick and a lip brush (Karla Powell’s are my favourite) and carefully apply your lipstick all over the lips.

    step 7 Using a clean lip brush and concealer, draw a line around your lips for extra definition. This will also prevent the colour of your lipstick from bleeding.

    step 8 Leave the lips matte or add a gloss over the top.

    step 9 There you have it, perfect red lips.

  • How to paint a glitter lip. Glitter Lips - Step 2
    Step 2

    Hold a piece of tissue (or gently masking tape it in place) underneath your lip line, covering your chin. Fine glitter is the hardest to remove so this trick will save you loads of time and effort. Next, take a thin lip brush and start to press the glitter into the lip, working from the centre outwards. It’s important that you gently press it on to ensure that it sticks.

  • How to paint a glitter lip. Glitter Lips - Step 3
    Step 3

    Take your time! Don’t try to add too much at once. This is a labour of love, but oh, so worth it! If you get any excess glitter outside of the lip line. Just remove it with a tiny bit of masking tape. Glitter lip of joy complete. Now, no kissing, eating, licking your lips or drinking without a straw.

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